Watch me review the new Nilla Wafer cereal from post. Hint hint, it's good

bLAg #8 - Interesting Find

I found this instagram page around a week ago that is insanely cool. The account owner just edits videos by outlining objects and people with brigh...

bLAg # 7 - Lookbook

My lookbook of choice comes from the brand Reese Cooper, I had never heard of this before but found them while scrolling through the lookbook secti...

bLAg #6 - Dream Travel Destination - Japan

If I could choose one travel destination to visit, my first choice would be Japan. This is for many reasons. I've always found it to be an interes...

bLAg #4 - 3 Favorite Window Displays

For my first window display I chose this Dior display from Saks 5th a few months ago. I like the usage of the Kaws figure as well as the font used...

bLAg #5 - Three Favorite Fashion Shows (F/W '19)

The first fashion show that I really enjoyed for the Fall/Winter 2019 season was from John Elliott. I've been a fan of John Elliott for a few years...

bLAg #3 - 5 Go-To Items

This is something that I've always thought about, what are the most used items in my wardrobe? It's obviously a constant changing list as I get new...

bLAg #2

bLAg #2
La's Top Three Trends for A/W '19

bLAg #1 (Pronounced /bläɡ/ like normal blog)

bLAg #1 (Pronounced /bläɡ/ like normal blog)
My Creative Fashion Presentations professor is requiring us to create a blog to be posted on and shared in class. So I figured this would be the perfect place to do it.