Watch me review the new Nilla Wafer cereal from post. Hint hint, it's good

bLAg #8 - Interesting Find

I found this instagram page around a week ago that is insanely cool. The account owner just edits videos by outlining objects and people with bright neon lines. The creator primarily edits skate videos but often goes into other territories like hip-hop music videos. While it sounds really boring through text, the actual product is insanely cool.


bLAg # 7 - Lookbook

My lookbook of choice comes from the brand Reese Cooper, I had never heard of this before but found them while scrolling through the lookbook section of the website, . It was titled the "Falling" editorial, and it featured multiple models wearing Reese Cooper clothing while falling through mid-air. While it made it difficult to really look at the clothes it inspired me to look further into the brand. Here are a few images from the editorial :

After checking out the brand's website I found another lookbook...

bLAg #6 - Dream Travel Destination - Japan

If I could choose one travel destination to visit, my first choice would be Japan. This is for many reasons. I've always found it to be an interesting place since I was a child. I remember watching Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo when I was younger and it was completely encapsulating. Everything about the culture just seemed so different to what I was used to here in the United States. My interest in Japan only grew once I started getting into fashion because I saw how interesting and diverse their street styles were. Not to...

bLAg #4 - 3 Favorite Window Displays

For my first window display I chose this Dior display from Saks 5th a few months ago. I like the usage of the Kaws figure as well as the font used for Dior.

For my next window display I chose the Kellogg’s store. While it’s difficult to see in this picture, they have suspended hammocks in front of the window where patrons can rest and enjoy a bowl of cereal. I love seeing this as a display because I love cereal and seeing someone relaxing in a hammock eating cereal is very appealing.